Top 30 everyday gripes revealed – owners not picking up after their dog tops list

The UK’s biggest everyday irritations have been revealed – including drivers who park over two spaces, potholes, and being stuck on hold to customer service. Owners who don’t pick up after their dog, slow walkers, and motorway middle-lane hoggers also grind our gears.

A poll of 2,000 adults found that we typically endure three “everyday irritations” a day, from self-service checkouts and mind-boggling “are you a robot?” online security tests, to people who put their bags on seats on public transport.

In fact, 45 percent say they “can’t remember” the last time a day passed without something annoying happening, according to the research commissioned by Weetabix – which has launched a new TV ad to inspire the UK to get “back on track”.

A spokesman for the brand said: “From potholes to slow walkers, these small irritations can pile up, but they’re all manageable. Our latest campaign stems from the realisation that many of these annoyances are solvable.”

The study found over two-thirds (67 percent) feel more annoyed in general than “ever before” – with 81 percent of the opinion that the UK needs “fixing”.

However, eating a proper breakfast might stop the things they find annoying from happening in the first place, the survey indicated. According to the research, the most frustrating time of day is 8am — right around breakfast time.

But 68 percent claim they are better prepared for the day ahead after a wholesome breakfast – with over half of respondents (56 percent) believing that UK adults are not fuelling themselves “properly” to face the day.

Among the reasons those polled are more irritated nowadays include 63 percent feeling that fewer people are taking pride in doing things well.

Other theories include people being too busy (44 percent) or too tired (31 percent) to carry out tasks properly, and having to struggle with large amounts of red tape (38 percent).

Perhaps as a result, the study, carried out through OnePoll, found that as many as 83 percent employ techniques to make everyday irritations more bearable.

These include taking deep breaths (35 percent), listening to their favourite music (27 percent), venting to friends, colleagues, or family (26 percent), and having a decent breakfast (eight percent).

The Weetabix spokesman added: “It’s simple logic: fewer annoyances crop up when we’re all properly fuelled. A wholesome breakfast sets us up for the day ahead, and makes us feel ready to tackle life’s curveballs head-on.

“We’re encouraging everyone to start their day in the best way – by getting the nourishment they need at breakfast, paving the way to a stronger, more resilient Britain.”

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