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A bride has hit back at a family friend who had the audacity to comment on her weight on her wedding day.

The woman was left stunned when the so-called friend remarked that she looked “fat” on her big day, only revealing his thoughts after the ceremony had concluded. It all came to light when the newlywed shared a screenshot of a message exchange with the friend on Reddit.

After informing him of her pregnancy, he responded with: “Congrats. You looked fatter in your wedding photos. Now I know why.”

In her post, the anonymous woman revealed: “I’m 3 months pregnant, we got married 4 months ago. Don’t worry I showed this to my brother and he lost his mind, messaged the family friend and absolutely ripped him a new ***hole.

“Also not that it should matter what my weight is, but I’m not overweight at all.”

The story has since sparked outrage online, with many condemning the friend’s cruel remarks as completely out of line.

Commenters agreed that such a person could hardly be considered a “friend”, branding him as “mean”, and his comments as totally uncalled for.

Fortunately, the expectant mother’s brother was quick to defend her, earning praise from social media users for standing up to the body-shaming friend.

One individual remarked: “Your friend looks ignorant.” A second person chimed in with: “Who just says things like that? What, did they think you waited until now to share ultrasound photos?

“That’s not a friend. I’m glad your brother has your back, because wow that was incredibly rude.”

A third contributor added: “I will never understand why people think that they’re entitled to comment on other peoples’ bodies. OP, I’m sure you looked stunning, and this AH does not deserve to share in your joy.

“Congrats on your growing family!”

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: “How does someone lack so much social awareness that they say this thinking it’s funny?”

The situation has left people reeling, as they just can’t believe how rude the guest was towards the bride. It’s fair to say it’s wise never to comment about someone’s weight.

People were quick to congratulate the mum-to-be though, as they thought the news was lovely about the little one. It looks like she may be gaining a bundle of joy, but losing a mate if the drama continues to esculate.

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