Woman’s horror when she left her windows open at night

A young woman has issued a warning for those thinking of leaving their windows open during the warmer months.

As the UK basks in the glow of the sun, many have been hoping to let in a cool breeze to help them sleep at night. However, one woman named Jess is regretting her decision to open her windows after a chilling encounter.

She recently took to TikTok to seek advice after she left her bedroom lights on while her windows were open at night for ventilation. Jess said: “No, I’m going to cry. I’ve left my windows open for two days straight. I’ve just looked to my ceiling. Oh my god, I’m going to cry. They’re actually everywhere. What the f***? What do I do? “.

To her horror, she found her bedroom ceiling swarming with hundreds of bugs. She continued: “That’s ridiculous. If I turn my lights off they’re all going to…oh my god. I did know this was a thing but I had a moment of silliness and forgot to turn my light off.”


She retreated to her parents’ room, only to face a restless night haunted by the sight of a spider’s web. Jess suspects the invasion in her room included “mosquitos, spiders, random bugs, and a bunch of spider eggs”.

In response to the viral video, which generated thousands of comments and amassed over 172,000 views, one person declared: “My window has been open for the past five days without even shutting the curtain overnight.”

While another shared: “This happened to me last night omg I wanted to cry. I spent a whole 40 minutes hoovering them up.” An additional viewer recalled: “I had this last year – just vacuum them up and make sure you get EVERYWHERE.”

Another chimed in: “Thank you, I just closed my window,”. Someone else advised Jess to “hoover the ceiling”. “This just reminded me to close my window,” another suggested.

Another tip read: “Happened to me, made one of those jam and fairy liquid jar traps and slept on the sofa and when I returned there was none in the jar but also none on my ceiling.” Quite a few people indicated that Jess might want to consider installing a screen on her window.

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