Woman terrified of flying after being ‘pushed over the edge’ by seating plan

A woman has shared her anxiety about flying, revealing that not being able to sit next to her friend on a long-haul flight was a dealbreaker for her.

She confessed that she thought booking business class seats would allow her to chat with her friend throughout the journey and ease her nerves. However, when it came time to book their seats together, she was thrown into panic as they couldn’t secure two seats side by side. In a post on Mumsnet, the distressed woman explained: “I’ve spent two hours on the phone with the airline and they say they can’t help. I even thought about upgrading to first class but this was going to cost £8k and they STILL couldn’t promise we’d be sat together as I’d have to pay before seeing what seats were available.”

She continued: “I don’t actually have a spare £8k but I was tempted until I realised it wouldn’t solve my problem. Now I just feel like I don’t want to go. I was already super nervous and this has pushed me over the edge.”

Her friend, who frequently flies solo, couldn’t understand her concern, suggesting they would ‘laugh about this one day’. The anxious flyer ended her post asking for advice, saying: “My best friend flies alone all the time and can’t see the big deal. She thinks we’ll ‘laugh about this one day’. Has anyone got any ideas to help me here? “.

Amid the worries, some commenters offered solace. One individual suggested: “You could go to the gate as soon as it opens and speak to the staff there. They might be able to ask the other people in the cabin if they would mind swapping. They might say no of course but it’s worth a try.”.

Another sympathised with her fears: “I hate flying so I feel your pain. Some things that have helped me: Bach rescue remedy. Imagine that any bumps in the air are like potholes on the road. Not a big deal Look at the other passengers and crew and notice none of them are panicking and everything is normal. Wine.”

A third commenter chimed in: “I also find just speaking to the crew helps me – I explain I’m a bit nervous about flying and they say something reassuring and it helps a lot. I think flying in business will really help because of all the distractions of the nice things to eat and drink.”

In regards to in-flight entertainment, one advised: “I’d assume there will be in-flight entertainment with it being long haul, so that’s as good as nattering with your mate, or you can also download some films or podcasts of your own if you don’t trust it to be something you’ll like.”

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