Target black mould in fridge effectively using common cleaning items

Black mould can cause chaos – but there is always a cleaning solution.

Faced with a terrible black mould issue in their fridge, one individual took to advice platform Reddit to figure out exactly how to get rid of the mould that had developed in their fridge while they were away.

They wrote: “My roomates and I left for winter break for about a month and came back to mold in our mini fridge.

“The fridge was unplugged and we were to take out all food before we left but one of us forgot to take hers out.

“We were wondering if the fridge is a lost cause and if we should just throw it out or if it can be cleaned up. If it can be cleaned up, how should we go about doing it??”

There were many suggestions in the cleaning forum, with some even saying to simply throw the fridge out.

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“Spray bleach everywhere, inside and out of the fridge, let it sit for 10 minutes to kill everything.

“And then just use some hot soapy water and clean it out. Leave it open to completely dry before you even think about turning it on or putting food back in!

“I should add, use paper towels or a rag that you can throw out afterwards, don’t keep anything after you’ve cleaned it. This is pretty gnarly but it’s totally salvageable.”

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