Royal fans issue same complaint as Sophie branded ‘scruffy’ | Royal | News

However, whereas some royal fans loved her look, others were not so keen on her sartorial choices, with one branding the ensemble “scruffy” as they wanted the royal to button up her coat.

One user wrote on Instagram: “Very scruffy”, while a second added: “The problem is that she is not tall enogh and should wear shorter dresses and slimmed pants, not large big coates(sic)”

A third one said: “At the very least, button up the coat. Sigh.”

A fourth user agreed and wrote: “An unfortunate look today. Given the importance of the occasion HRH should have worn her coat buttoned up, it looks unkempt hanging open and her dress looks crumpled, not to mention the straggly hair that she kept pushing away. It could have been better. Fashion fail for me today I’m afraid.”

Lastly, a fifth one said: “Not the outfit for the occasion and that’s unlike Sophie – it all looks a bit last minute. The coat should have been done up as they were representing King and Country at a milestone State occasion and a small hat wouldn’t have gone a miss. A repeat of the purple coat from Easter with a different hat would have been just right.”

Meanwhile, others loved Sophie’s look and said she looked “stunning”.

One user commented on Instagram: “Another great outfit from Sophie. Very elegant.”

Another one said: “She looked very nice today! Hope she wears that dress without a coat at some point so we can see the shoulder bow detail!”

A third one agreed: “One of her best ever. Love the choice of bag too.”

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