Protestors get within inches of Mayor Adams during speech boosting NYC

Several protestors stormed within inches of Mayor Adams as he delivered a speech Tuesday to a roomful of community activists on the Upper East Side.

The incident occurred in the middle of Adams’ remarks at a breakfast hosted by the Association for a Better New York and ended with a security detail pushing protestors off the stage and escorting them from the venue.

The protestors strode to the stage, walked up the steps to the left of the mayor and, once on stage, began railing about Adams’ treatment of tenants in the city.

The protestors did not have tickets to the event, according to representatives with the Association for a Better New York. A spokesman for Adams said they used counterfeit badges to gain entrance to the Park Ave. venue. There were no metal detectors at the doors.

After the protestors rushed toward the mayor, a security team swooped into action, pushing the protestors down the steps and removing them from the venue.

It was not immediately clear what security precautions had been in place or if anyone was arrested.

Adams’ speech was geared at boosting the city’s post-COVID recovery. Afterward, he sat for a Q and A where he played down the disruption.

Adams recalled how years ago, he overheard a classmate he disliked saying he hated the sound of people popping gum.

“So I waited until the finals, and I sat down behind him and I started popping gum … I felt so bad that I confessed to him,” he said, laughing.

“You’d be surprised how many people wake up every day just to disrupt you … They don’t like their own lives so they want to disrupt your life. And you have to realize to yourself: Pray for them. All those folks were doing, they were popping gum. I gotta stay focused on the final so I can get that A.”

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