‘Our neighbours from hell keep stealing parking spot’

Residents are at their wits’ end with “rude” neighbours who exhibit a “sick” disregard for community etiquette.

There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling of returning home to confront the antics of nightmare neighbours. While some residents might look the other way, others take the plunge and address the issue head-on, often to no avail.

In one particular case, a couple, preferring anonymity, expressed their exasperation over one troublesome household amid six otherwise “amazing” neighbours. The problematic pair, tenants in the vicinity, have been a constant source of irritation.

Venting on Mumsnet, one aggrieved neighbour lamented the family next door, whose children engage in “painting” the pavement with actual paint. The situation escalated when one child scrawled an obscenity across the heart of their pristine cul-de-sac.

Despite repeated pleas from the community to rectify the mess, the requests have fallen on deaf ears. Compounding the issue, the family’s multiple vehicles frequently occupy others’ parking spots thoughtlessly.

The frustrated resident recounted: “They constantly take the p***. Have their three young children outside ‘painting’ the ground. Wouldn’t care, but they were painting with real paint! One of the children has written ‘f***’ all across the middle of our beautiful cul de sac.

“They have been asked numerous times to clean it up by all the other neighbours but just ignore it. They have several cars and take other people’s spaces without any consideration.”

Moreover, the resident detailed how the neighbours leave large items of rubbish, such as armchairs, strewn about the cul de sac, further highlighting their general rudeness and lack of respect for the area.

The couple are left in a pickle as they claim any attempts to discuss the issue with their neighbours are met with dismissive laughter and shoulder shrugs. They’re at their wit’s end questioning: “What can we do?! I don’t know their landlord to make a complaint.”

In their exasperation, they’ve decided to notify the local council about the illegal dumping situation. “I really dislike resorting to these sort of things but I’ve had enough. It’s the attitude that makes me sick,” complained the perturbed Mumsnet user.

Several responses to this frustrating predicament have been forwarded. One person recommended: “Google the address, find out which letting agent let it, contact them for details? Report the armchairs as fly tipping to the council. Block their cars in for days on end if parked incorrectly.”

Another suggested conducting an inexpensive Land Registry search to identify the landlord.

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