Oregon high school transgender track athlete competes against girls at event, sparking outrage on social media

An Oregon high school came under fire on Saturday as a transgender athlete was able to compete against girls at a meet.

Aayden Gallagher, a 10th-grader at McDaniel High School, competed in the Sherwood Need For Speed Classic in Sherwood, Oregon. Gallagher was seen in one clip blowing away the competition in a heat for the 200-meter.

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A general view from the NCAA championships of a runner getting ready for a relay race. (C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

Gallagher clocked in with a 25.49 mark and ended up finishing in second place in that event as well as the 400 meter and in seventh place in the 4×100 replay and eighth place in the 4×400 relay.

But Gallagher’s ability to compete in the event sparked outrage on social media.

“Championing boys in girls sports is blatant misogyny,” the Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) wrote on X.


“Abuse of girls…by the gov’t,” Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton wrote.

“Another proud moment for ‘women’s’ sports!” OutKick founder Claty Travis wrote.

Libs of TikTok added: “These high school girls just had their dream stolen from them because the school is catering the delusions of a boy who pretends to be a girl. . . . He is a cheater.”


The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) has a policy for transgender participation in high school sports.

“The OSAA endeavors to allow students to participate for the athletic or activity program of their consistently asserted gender identity while providing a fair and safe environment for all students,” the policy stated. 

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Oregon has transgender participation policies.

“As with Rule 8.2 regarding Duration of Eligibility / Graduation, rules such as this one promote harmony and fair competition among member schools by maintaining equality of eligibility and increase the number of students who will have an opportunity to participate in interscholastic activities.”

Additionally, the OSAA rules state that “once a transgender student has notified the student’s school of their gender identity, the student shall be consistently treated as that gender for purposes of eligibility for athletics and activities, provided that if the student has tried out or participated in an activity, the student may not participate during that same season on a team of the other gender.”

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