‘My nightmare neighbours cost me £2k and three years of hell after fake apology’

A man says he spent “a couple of thousand” trying to soundproof his home after his nightmare neighbours started having “three parties a week”.

The Redditor, known as Goochsloth, said his three-bedroom terrace house had a “lovely old man” who was the “perfect neighbour” when he originally moved into the property.

Sadly, the man died a year later and the property was bought by a landlord, who moved in a family of four – the Redditor said this began his “three years of hell”.

The homeowner said the family began to have late-night raucous parties and had young children running around, screaming, and slamming doors.

He said: “The first week this family had six parties. Dozens of people turn up every night and they go on till around 3 am.

“We weren’t happy, but didn’t say anything initially and gave them the benefit of the doubt that it was an extended housewarming. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and apparently, this is their default behaviour.

“Over the three years that they have lived here, I would say on average they have three parties a week, always going on till very late. To make things worse our walls are apparently very thin, so we hear a lot.

“When they’re not having parties, they’re still making a lot of noise. As far as I can tell and best describe it, they seem to use this house as a sort of ‘community hub’.

“Lots of people come and go all times of day all to use the house for whatever they like. Sometimes a group of men will be socialising (yelling) late in the evening, sometimes the men are somewhere else (I assume) and a large group of women will be in the house instead, with all their young children, whom they let run around, scream, slam doors etc late into the night.

“My best guess is they rotate around their houses who is hosting what part of the community, but it doesn’t really matter.”

The Redditor said he attempted to get the police, council and the landlord to attempt to evict the family so he could live a quiet life.

He says he even spent “a couple of thousand” attempting to soundproof his bedroom. Although says it “didn’t make much difference” to the noise.

Other Reddit users shared their sympathy with the homeowner.

One said: I’ve had this issue.

“I moved. It’s hell on earth living nextdoor to people like this.”

Another said: “I had a similar thing with the alcoholic couple next door. Fingers crossed for you.”

A third said: “Move house, you won’t change the attitudes of people who have no concept of respect in their culture.”

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