‘My neighbour destroyed my marriage of 8 years by pretending to be my husband online’

A devastated woman broke up with her husband after she thought he was cheating, only to discover her neighbour was using his photographs to catfish women online.

The woman took to Reddit’s Relationship_Advice forum to explain that she and her former husband have been separated for over a year and are currently “not on speaking terms” but she is desperate to rekindle their relationship after finding out the truth.

She explained: “I received a Facebook message in September last year that my ‘husband’ was talking and exchanging naked photos with other women on Tinder.”

After talking to one of the women on the phone and seeing the screenshots she decided to download Tinder and found what she thought was her husband’s dating profile which said his home location was nearby.

She said: “I was convinced that he was cheating, and we had a terrible fallout that evening which led to my family coming over to calm the situation, but instead, it escalated when my brother punched and grabbed hold of my husband.”

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“The neighbors called the police and my husband was asked to pack a few things and stay elsewhere for a while. We separated shortly after, and he has since moved to Sydney to be closer to his ailing father but sees our kids for a weekend twice a month.”

It has now been 14 months since the woman separated from her husband and she was finally moving on, only for the neighbour’s wife to knock on the door.

It turned out the neighbour was catfishing a woman online, which is when someone is pretending to be another person online and using her former husband’s photographs to do it.

The woman wrote: “[The neighbour] downloaded these photos from a Macbook that we lent him during COVID, and some of these photos were of intimate nature…and of me. The police are currently dealing with this.”

However, the woman now needed to speak with her ex-husband and wanted to make amends the next time he visited to see their children, but has no idea how to do it.

She wrote: “I am so scared that we might be down too far the rabbit hole and that he will likely push for a divorce, even though I know that we love each other deeply, but this took a massive toll on our mental health, finances and the wellbeing of our three kids.”

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In the comment section, people were sympathetic to the woman but many popular comments said they believe it is likely the relationship is over.

One user wrote: “Your husband experienced something that you will never understand: A false accusation, an assault from your brother, spousal alienation….I am afraid there is no going back for you. You chose to not listen to him when he said it was not him.”

Another person commented: “You two got screwed over, not just by your neighbour, but also by your brother…being married is being part of a shared family. The fact that your family got in the middle of it and bodily hurt him would make anyone think twice about getting back in.”

After a couple of months, the woman posted a second time an update to say that she had sat down and discussed things with her former husband, and he still wanted to go ahead with the divorce.

She wrote: “It was decided that our marriage was beyond repair and that we should go our separate ways.

“He is currently in therapy and has requested that we have a clean break with no further contact in the future – I intend to respect his wishes and will continue to communicate through his lawyer on matters that concern our kids.”

The woman also explained that she was explaining the situation to her family, which led to her brother apologizing for hitting her husband and feeling extremely remorseful.

She wrote: “It is a series of unfortunate events that has changed many lives and robbed my family of our love and happiness.

“Now I have to focus on my kids, my depression, and coming to terms with the divorce. I will never forget, but hopefully, the pain won’t be as intense.”

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