‘My husband lied about ending his affair…’

“I found about the affair three-and-a-half years ago,” Ruth shared to Reddit. “My husband swore it was mistake. He said he would end the affair and never have contact with her again.”

William* went above and beyond to prove to Ruth that he would never betray her again.

He committed to going to counselling, to go to couple’s therapy, and “whatever else it took”.

Ruth said: “He told me that the thought of losing me and not seeing our kids every day was a wake-up call to how stupid and reckless he was.”

Grovelling for Ruth’s forgiveness, she finally conceded because she “loved him” and wanted to keep the family together.

“He did go to therapy and we did couples counselling,” said Ruth. “He put monitoring software on his internet and his phone so I could see everything he was doing.”

Ruth added: “He also seemed to be more invested in our marriage and spending time together… just being more attentive… he was more present with the kids.”

It took around two years to rebuild the trust that had been lost. “It was hell but we got through it,” shared Ruth, or so she thought.

“I stopped feeling the need to monitor his phone and know where he was every second he wasn’t with me,” said Ruth.

“It turns out he never stopped the affair like he said,” Ruth revealed. “I caught him again.”

William had another phone Ruth later found out, and that’s when she realised he had just become more “creative in finding ways to spend time” with the other woman.

“She knew he was married and had three kids before their affair started and that they had to be extra careful after I caught him the first time,” shared Ruth.

“I’m just here to spill my guts really. I’m not staying again. He made a fool out of me.”

Now Ruth is mindful of how she will break the news to her teenage sons and 12-year-old daughter that she and their father are going to get divorced.

“Thankfully I have a job that pays enough to look after me and the kids so I can leave him,” Ruth said with a sigh of relief.

“Anyways thanks to anyone who read my word vomit. I’m going to therapy I think but for now this helped.”

Even though William tried to convince Ruth to stay with him, she has strongly held her ground and is proceeding with the divorce.

*Names have been changed.

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