‘My family say I stole family heirloom to give to daughter – it’s not true’

A father has found himself in a family feud after being accused of stealing and hiding a cherished heirloom. Inheritance disputes are common within families, but this 35-year-old man is determined to secure what he believes rightfully belongs to his daughter – even if it means ruining relations forever.

The man, who remains anonymous, lives with his wife, Tammy, and their four-year-old daughter, Leana, who’s named after his grandmother. She passed away when the writer was only seven years old – but not before expressing a final wish, he claims.

Sharing his story on Reddit, he said: “My Nana was very sick for awhile and towards the end of her life she expressed that one of her regrets in life was never having a daughter to pass down the family pendant to that was given to her by her mother.

“I told my nana that I would have a daughter for her so that the pendant could be passed on and she seemed really happy about that. When she passed, my grandfather got the pendant and told me that it will go to whatever daughter I had. And it was kind of our half joke/half serious understanding that we openly talked about for years.”

This became more complex when the man was 12 years old and his dad got another woman pregnant while cheating on his mum. Unsurprisingly, this became a tense situation to navigate – and it only worsened when his grandfather died.

“A couple of days ago and I showed Leana my Nana’s pendant and she loved it,” he said. “Tammy took a picture of Leana with it and posted it on social media. It got back to Jessica [my dad’s daughter], and I guess my dad filled in the info gaps and is upset that she didn’t get the pendant.

“My dad’s other woman is calling me a thief, that I knew I was wrong which is why I ‘hid’ it and is demanding that I give Jessica the pendant as it’s rightfully hers and I’m refusing. She never even met my Nana, never expressed interest in learning about her, never once asked about the pendant, and as far as I know has no legal claim as it was technically willed to me. Am I the a******?”

The post was quick rack up hundreds of comments, with many users jumping to the man’s defence. One wrote: “I would engage as little as possible over this. The item is, quite simply, yours.”

Another added: “The pendant is just one more thing that the other woman wants to take that is yours. First of all she took your father away from your family and now she wants the pendant that also belongs to you.”

A third chimed in: “You didn’t steal it. The pendant is rightfully yours to do with what you please. Amazing how some people always want to take everything that is not theirs.”

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