Kevin Costner ‘supremely annoyed’ at critics as Horizon set for box office bomb | Films | Entertainment

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Costner’s $100 million movie (a sum prior to marketing costs) is set to open at $12 million domestically on the June 28-30 weekend.

The Western, set around the American Civil War, is going up against A Quiet Place: Day One, which is due to take as much as $40 million.

Meanwhile the outlet reports: “Insiders say Costner believes that tracking isn’t capturing his fan base, which largely resides in the middle of the country.”

On top of that, sources claim the Yellowstone star is “supremely annoyed” by the bad reviews from critics.

According to Life and Style: “Kevin is still holding out hope that the final arbiter of HAASP1 will be the millions of fans who have fueled Yellowstone‘s success over the last five years and made that show, for a time, the biggest thing on television. Kevin was warned by marketing execs that he could get hit in the press over this film, and that has now happened. The critical beatdown he took in Cannes stings, it stings a lot, but Kevin has defied the odds before and he’s even made massive hits out of movies critics didn’t entirely get at first, most notably 1992’s The Bodyguard.

“What’s more irritating to Kevin is that he really doesn’t feel like he has the film industry behind him on this big swing, and he encounters naysayers at every turn,” says the source. “It’s supremely annoying to him after all he’s done for Hollywood and especially for the Western genre.” Nevertheless, the Hollywood star is optimistic fans will get behind the release.

Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 hits cinemas on June 28, followed by Chapter 2 on August 16, 2024. Meanwhile, Chapter 3 started shooting earlier this month and Chapter 4 remains in development.

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