Keep pet fur and odours at bay with expert’s guide to clean and fresh home

In homes where furry companions are beloved members of the family, maintaining a clean and fresh environment can pose a unique challenge.

From shedding hair to unexpected messes, pet owners often find themselves in a constant battle against dirt and odours. 

However, Melissa Caverly, the founder of Imagine Maids, offers invaluable insights and expert tips to help pet owners navigate these cleaning challenges effectively.

Master Quick Spot-Cleaning Techniques

When accidents occur, swift action is important to prevent stains and lingering odours. 

Melissa advises pet owners to keep a cleaning kit handy, equipped with essentials like paper towels, natural cleaning spray, and baking soda. “

Blot, don’t rub,” Melissa noted, urging immediate cleanup followed by a liberal application of baking soda to absorb odours before vacuuming.

Furthermore, Melissa highlights the importance of enzymatic cleaners for pet accidents, as they target stains and odours on a molecular level, preventing pets from re-marking areas.

Invest In A High-Quality Pet Hair Vacuum

Pet hair can seem omnipresent in households with furry friends, but Melissa suggests investing in a powerful vacuum designed to tackle this persistent issue. 

“Look for vacuums with strong suction and specialized attachments,” Melissa advises, stressing the significance of frequent vacuuming – at least twice a week – to minimize pet hair accumulation.

Use Natural Cleaning Solutions

Prioritising pet safety, Melissa recommends opting for natural cleaning solutions that are both effective and gentle. 

Vinegar and baking soda emerge as household heroes, adept at banishing stains and odours without posing any harm to pets. 

A simple mixture of water and vinegar serves as a versatile DIY solution for routine cleaning tasks.

Implement Strategic Grooming

Regular grooming sessions not only benefit pets but also contribute to a cleaner home environment by reducing fur and dander. 

Melissa advocates for consistency in grooming routines and suggests strategically placing lint rollers throughout the house for quick hair removal from clothing and furniture.

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Deep Clean Pet-Popular Areas Regularly

To combat accumulated pet fur and odours, Melissa recommends quarterly deep cleaning sessions for furniture and carpets using steam cleaners. 

For daily upkeep, vacuuming with a HEPA filter proves effective in capturing finer particles and allergens.

Additionally, regular washing of both human and pet bedding is essential to eliminate odours and allergens. 

Melissa advises using pet-friendly detergents and washing bedding in hot water weekly to ensure thorough cleanliness.

Targeted Treatments For Lingering Odors

For persistent odours, Melissa advocates for natural deodorizing techniques. 

Baking soda, when sprinkled on carpets and pet bedding, absorbs odours effectively. 

To add a fresh scent, diluted essential oils like lavender or chamomile can be lightly misted on fabrics after cleaning, ensuring a pleasant ambience without compromising pet safety.

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