‘I’m having an affair with my our neighbour’

“My wife and I have been married for almost three years,” Lenny shared to social media forum Reddit.

“About four to five months ago this girl, let’s call her Jess*, moved in just across the road from us.”

Lenny, 36, said: “My wife, who is a very outgoing and social person, thought inviting her over for dinner would be a nice way to welcome her to the neighbourhood.”

At the dinner, it was very clear that Lenny’s wife, Tory, and 26-year-old Jess “hit it off”.

Soon, Jess was coming over to drink wine with Tory, they would watch movies together and became “pretty good friends… or so I thought”.

Lenny revealed: “Last month, Jess came over while my wife was in the city (which is about two hours away).

“Jess was embarrassed that she didn’t call before showing up [at the door], and she apologised.

“I told her she had nothing to worry about; Jess asked if she could grab her purse or something that she left by our coffee table in the living room, I let her come in and she grabbed her things.”

Lenny added: “With her things in hand she watched me struggle attempting to cook dinner for myself.

“She noticed a pot was bubbling over on the stove and she put down her things and turned down the heat on the stove and said something like, ‘you’re not much of a cook, are you?'”

While slightly offended, Jess peppered Lenny with questions about himself as he continued to cook for himself.

“She leaned against the counter while I was chopping vegetables and started asking me about myself, like what I did for work, what I do in my free time…” Lenny shared.

“We had never really talked before, as I’m pretty introverted… the conversation began to snowball and I soon found out that she has a great sense of humour, she is very kind and understanding, and a great listener.”

A week later, Jess told Lenny that she found him attractive. “I was surprised, as she’s a very pretty young woman,” said Lenny.

“We’ve had s*x twice since then,” he admitted. “I feel horribly guilty for this, but I don’t think I love my wife as much as I did when we first got married.”

Lenny blamed a growing sense of distance between him and his wife for enabling his infidelity.

“Our marriage has lost its spark completely,” he justified. “And I truly think our relationship is on its last legs.”

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