‘I’m a make-up artist – try this hack to instantly slim your face’

Your appearance is influenced by several factors, however, most commonly by your genetics. This can therefore make it seem as if there is no way to alter the way you look.

But as pro make-up artists prove again and again, the power of cosmetics should not be overlooked.

One make-up expert revealed a simple 30-second hack to make your face appear slimmer as well as lifted.

Speaking on social media platform Instagram, make-up artist of more than 25 years, Erica Taylor, demonstrated this easy technique.

Speaking to her 820,000 followers she shared exactly where you should be placing contour and blush on the face.

She made the video in response to health and beauty expert Dr Charles who recommended placing blush high up on the face, above the cheeks.

Erica agreed with his advice, explaining why.

“I know it’s higher than you would think so,” she said. “Dr Charles who explains facial anatomy has shown that we indeed have to go higher than you think for blush and contour as I’ve been saying.”

To demonstrate she divided her face into sections using contour.

She then applied a line of contour directly across the cheekbone. As an elective extra step she branched this contour off slightly down the cheek. This works to help slim the face, she said.

Erica added: “I only drop this section if the person needs slimming because on a more mature hollow face, if it’s gaunt, I avoid this area.”

Comparing the sides of her face, she said: “So if you see this contour gives a lift.”

To further enhance his she placed blush under the pupil and out towards the hair.

“The blush he said starts as a pupil and then goes out and higher than you think, which is what I’ve always said,” she said.

“But that’s because as someone who studied portraiture and did my senior thesis in studies and portraiture by candlelight, it’s the light and dimension and the bending of light. That always really, really amazed me. And when you make your blush higher like this, you create volume and lift.”

She added: “It’s immediately obvious every time as soon as you put your blush here almost right under that orbital bone, I always say, put it where you think your highlighter should go and that is how you get a really beautiful lift.”

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