‘I’m a gardener – this is how I achieve an almost weed-free garden with no pulling’

The next step is to mulch. It’s important to cover the soil so seeds from weeds can’t infiltrate it.

Planting your flowers close together will also help prevent weeds from having space to grow. And including a cover crop in the off season can help control the weeds.

Once your plants are sown, you should avoid allowing the weeds to go to seed by checking them often.

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“The saying goes, ‘inspect what you expect.’ If you don’t do daily rounds in your garden or inspect your garden, you’re going to run into a problem,” Weeks said.

She said if you see weeds on your rounds, pulling them on a day it rains makes them looser and easier to get up.

When you’re watering your garden, try to only water the plant that needs it. By watering the entire garden, you’re also giving water to the weeds.

Doing these steps in her garden allows Weeks to avoid weeding regularly.

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