‘I have acne prone skin – this £5 product has made me look the best in years’

Beauty enthusiasts are raving about a ‘revolutionary’ £5 serum designed to combat acne and redness.

The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10 percent + Zinc one percent formula is a water-based serum that promises to enhance skin brightness, improve skin texture and strengthen the skin barrier over time. It boasts a high 10 percent concentration of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and zinc PCA.

This hydrating lightweight serum claims to transform the appearance of the skin in as little as ‘seven days’. On The Ordinary’s website, the serum is touted as a ‘universal remedy for blemish-prone skin that smooths, brightens and supports’.

To apply, simply cleanse the skin to prepare it for active ingredients. Once applied, the product targets dryness, dullness, visible shine and signs of congestion.

Customers have been singing the praises of the serum in reviews, stating their skin looks the ‘best it has in years’. One devotee hailed it as a ‘holy grail’, reports the Liverpool Echo.

One impressed customer said: “I am stunned (in a good way). I have had persistent acne for 10 years and facial eczema for three years. When I first started using this, my skin reddened and flaked for about a week. Definitely stung on application for about 10 seconds. This stopped after three days. The next three weeks have been the best my skin has looked in years. All forehead acne has disappeared completely. Cheek acne is fading. Hyperpigmentation is fading. My eczema still needs some medical treatment but there’s no doubt this serum is helping with that too. I am in shock. I have tried every skin treatment you can think of – retinoids, azelaic acid, antibiotics, steroids and more, and I am stunned at how uncongested and smooth my skin is looking right now. Absolutely thrilled with the results so far and sad it took me so long to be recommended this serum.”

Another satisfied shopper commented: “This product is truly miraculous. I have mature, dull, very dry skin, and after only a week of using this product, my skin feels reborn, and I have finally been able to achieve the sought-after “glass skin” effect.”

In another testimonial, an enthusiastic shopper wrote: “I don’t typically write reviews, but I wanted to for this product! I would often get breakouts on my face and neck, sometimes even my shoulders, and this nipped it in the bud! I have tried niacinamide products from other companies and they just didn’t measure up. Highly recommended.”

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