Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for April 27


Unless you prefer to leave such matters to someone else, a lot of your time will be taken up with financial, tax and insurance considerations. You want to make your future more secure and you could be in need of inspiration when it comes to finding ways to increase your monthly income.


Some aspects of your life you had high hopes for may turn out to be somewhat disappointing. This is balanced by the fact that other things are going really well. You’re wondering about your future role in a situation where someone else is starting to take over your responsibilities.


Some wise advice offered by an old friend will make you realise how much you still depend on them to be there for you whenever you need someone to confide in. It works both ways as they have always been grateful for the help you have given them through the years.


Completely ignore them if a workmate or neighbour keeps trying to pull you down. This will be your way of letting them see they cannot get to you. The best way to stop someone from making a nuisance of themselves is to distance yourself from this person.


Someone who is usually happy to go along with your plans and ideas is starting to feel frustrated. They would like to have their thoughts considered too. If you get the impression a friend wants to take the driver’s seat, be willing to go along with their plans. Give them all the support they may need.


If you’re thinking about a new job or searching for work, get those applications filled in and make those phone calls while you’re thinking about it. Don’t just focus on one goal. Be flexible and go after job vacancies that you may not have considered in the past.


It is possible to find ways to overcome stumbling blocks to your progress. You will need to look for them if you want to get ahead. Are you focusing too much on trivial details that you aren’t seeing the bigger picture?


Confusion can result when people aren’t certain about what is being expected of them. If you are in charge, be certain that everyone in your team knows what they should be doing and what role they play in order to achieve a mutual goal.


Discussions with senior officials will include new possibilities for the future. When talks become hostile you might decide to wait until tempers calm before putting forward your views. It’s not that your usual environment has lost its appeal but you’re in need of a change of scenery.


You will be expected to attend when you are invited to an official meeting. In fact, even if quickly arranged, you should drop everything to make this interview. Although you won’t have imagined it, something you are told or given will help solve one of your problems.


Conversations will be cleverly twisted to allow someone to get the information they need without others realising what they are up to until it is too late. If you have been trusted with a few secrets it will be all the more important to guard them today.


Some recent changes will have knocked your usual routine out of kilter. Some challenges do lead to a positive outcome. There may be grumbles and complaints when problems crop up that need to be dealt with immediately. It won’t be as annoying as it sounds.

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