Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for April 26


Don’t go by first impressions in new situations and try not to spread your energies too thinly or you may not get very far. Drop some responsibilities or delegate if you find yourself doing too many things at the same time. If you are telling yourself you can handle it all, you are lying.


Mixing and mingling with important people will be a good way to further your career. Someone will give you a useful tip. An unexpected bonus will allow you to treat yourself to something special. After struggling with finances for some time, don’t you deserve it?


A plum assignment that you take on will be your chance to prove what you are capable of. This job will keep you behind the scenes and this is the only drawback for as tempting as it might sound, you could grow bored. Think carefully before giving a response.


It will feel good to find you have more time on your hands than you had anticipated. Someone new has stepped onto the work stage and all of a sudden, you will have some burdens eased. It won’t be easy at first to delegate but you will appreciate the ease this brings.


An important meeting or appointment could mean you are in for an early start. This may not be something you are looking forward to but your reluctance to get going will fade once you are out and about and by the end of the day you will look back on it all and wonder why you were so worried.


Someone is trying to persuade you that their plans and ideas are the best ones. They expect you to join them but you know that whatever they are suggesting, you won’t fit in. you would do better to stick with your original intentions.


You may not have been expecting anything challenging or stimulating. Sometimes it is when you least expect it that the best opportunities occur. You will soon get carried away by an exciting wave that sweeps through your life. Be sure to make the most of it.


An event or occasion you had been looking forward to could turn out to be something of a disappointment. The start of a joint venture will be postponed yet again. You had high hopes for this project but it isn’t turning out as you had expected.


A large amount of activity will keep you on your toes, just the way you like it. There will be a lot of travelling and running around associated with group and community involvements. Friendships begun today will be the type that last forever.


You will need energy in abundance if you are to get through all you have to do today. In fact, you could find yourself juggling a number of jobs at the same time. Someone new is about to join your social circle and you will hit it off with this person from the start.


You will need energy in abundance if you are to get through all you have to do today. Their natural honesty will make for a refreshing change after recent experiences which have been tense and uncertain due to the secretiveness of a close friend. A long walk will also help blow away those mental cobwebs.


There is nothing you would like better than to grab a few hours to yourself. If you are always on the go, it’s hard to know whether you’re going in the right direction or are you just continuing with some things out of habit? You need some time to reflect on your past and to think about your present and the future.

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