Help your orchid thrive – three tips shared by plant enthusiast

Orchids need optimal care to ensure they produce beautiful blooms. In a video posted to the @interflorauk TikTok account, a plant aficionado shared three tips to look after your orchid and help it thrive.

“Number one, don’t stand it in water. You can run water through it, or stand it in water for an hour or two. Because the chunky compost doesn’t retain water, if you leave it standing in water, you’ll kill the roots,” he started off.

He then moves onto the second tip: “When the flowers finish up top, don’t cut the stem off right at the base. These little nodes here will actually shoot more flower buds, so you can work your way down the stem.”

So if you cut it right off at the base, you’re robbing yourself of flowers.

“Tip number 3. As you’ll see, this is in a clear pot, it has these aerial roots, that you can see here,” he says pointing at the plant.

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And some people had some suggestions of their own.

“Keep by a window I have 10,” one person wrote.

Another said: “The blooms will be bigger if you cut off the flower spike at the bottom.”

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