Get dirty white towels ‘super white’ by replacing one ingredient in the wash

You may be wondering how hotels keep their ultra-white towels sparkling.

There are many different methods that could keep white towels gleaming, and this is just one of the different options out there that will assure that your dirty towels get clean.

Elnaz Hamai, who often posts cleaning tips to her TikTok account, has shared exactly how to go about whitening your towels.

“Make your towels super white,” the content creator wrote in her TikTok video uploaded to her 213K followers.

First, Elnaz said to add one tablespoon of Dawn dish soap on your towels. Follow this up with half a cup of baking soda, half a cup of vinegar in place of fabric softener, and half a capful of detergent.

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One person confessed: “I only buy white towels. Been doing this 20 years!!!”

Another added in a method of their own when they said: “I use peroxide and my whites and colors are amazing!”

Someone else suggested: “You don’t need to do all this if you just get with Culligan Water and get their water softener!”

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