Flight attendant explains why cabin crew use code word ‘love’ for certain passengers

A stewardess has detailed the surprising meaning behind one common cabin crew code word used by Virgin flight attendants.

Sheridan Melrose, who works for Virgin Australia, said her team members use the word ‘love’ to let colleagues know that certain passengers have a fear of flying. 

In a Facebook forum about air travel, the flight attendant said: “At check-in, our staff adds in a code called LOVE when a guest is scared or nervous.

“This alerts the flight staff and cabin crew that we have a nervous guest with us, as it’s then in your reservation and passenger notes.

“As we’re now aware, we’ll give you an extra slice of love and support throughout the flight. So make sure you mention it when you check in at an airport – […] don’t feel embarrassed – airline staff is there to help you and make your experience amazing.”

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Responding to the post, one user wrote: “I found just flying with my son and friends to our dream holiday to New York before Christmas, flying with Virgin.

“[It] has cut fear of flying in half! What a wonderful experience, our hotel was the only one they stayed in, and all so friendly.”

Another person added: “I did this and a member of the cabin crew on a Virgin flight helped me throughout the flight, explaining noises, and reassuring me.

“She was wonderful and thanks to her I came off that flight and booked again with Virgin to go to Florida.”

A third person also praised the staff at Virgin, saying they are “the best” at helping passengers who are visibly nervous when boarding a flight.

They added: “I’ve not mentioned my fear at check-in but have on the plane and they’ve treated me and my family so extra wonderfully.

“We only fly Virgin when we go to visit the in-laws in England.”

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