Clean windows with this household item that ‘outperforms’ towels every time

In the comments, some said the tick is used among professionals.

“This is how most car detailers do it too!” one person said.

Another wrote: “Yes, my grandpa taught me this. I think it works better than a paper towel.”

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The reason for it is the makeup of the paper. Myles Robinson, director at Value Doors, told the WalesOnline:

“Newspaper fibres are naturally absorbent and finely textured, making them perfect for achieving spotless and streakless glass. Compared to common cloths and paper towels, newspaper outperforms by leaving virtually no residue behind, resulting in a pristine shine every time.”

To do it, grab your newspaper and crumple it up. Spray your cleaner onto the glass, and wipe the newspaper over it in a circular motion.

The ink helps to lift the stains. Once you finish your first wipe down, take a dry newspaper to buff the glass and enhance the shine.

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