Woman wants to dump boyfriend over ‘awful’ dinner habit – others agree

We all have habits that can drive our partners up the wall, but this one surely takes the biscuit.

Everyone has their quirks, and sometimes they can really get on our partner’s nerves. Perhaps you’re guilty of leaving the toilet seat up, or maybe you have a habit of forgetting to switch off the lights when you leave a room.

Most of the time, these minor annoyances are overlooked by our loved ones – but one woman has confessed she’s struggling to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend due to his repugnant dinner-time behaviour.

The woman, who has been dating her boyfriend for three months, believes they could potentially have a “long-term relationship” – if it weren’t for one small issue. His “awful table manners” are so atrocious they make her feel sick, and watching him eat makes her “want to dump him”.

In a post shared on Mumsnet, the woman detailed: “My boyfriend of just over three months has shocking table manners. Lip smacking, eating with his mouth open, licking his knife, licking fingers (this is the worse one as it’s often and noisily and doesn’t use a napkin), licks the plate at the end of his meal … you get my drift.”

“In most other aspects I think we have the foundations for a long-term relationship, however, when I see him eating I want to dump him! “.

She mentioned that she has “hinted” to her partner that his behaviour was “not the done thing”, but he seems oblivious and continues with his off-putting eating habits. The woman is now contemplating laying down the law with an “an ultimatum”: shape up or she’s out.

Online users were appalled, with many expressing they couldn’t possibly stay with someone who displayed such appalling dining etiquette. One individual commented: “I couldn’t continue to go out with someone with such bad table manners, it’ll only get worse the longer you carry on.”

Another chimed in: “I left a really nice boyfriend because he talked with his mouth full. I told him to stop. He didn’t. Be honest and open and tell him it’s turning you off.”

Meanwhile, a third contributed: “That’s made me feel queasy just thinking about it! My four-year-old niece has much better table manners than him. He must realise others don’t behave that way and it’s rude but he doesn’t care. Throw this one back.”

Returning to update the post, the woman revealed that his dining decorum wasn’t always so dire, suggesting that his current disregard might be a sign of “lack of respect” towards her.

She concluded: “His table manners have worsened since our first few dates, so he can rein it in. It shows a lack of respect for me that he thinks it’s acceptable to eat like a pig in my company (at home and eating out). I will give him an ultimatum and if he doesn’t change f***ing fast, he’s f***ing done.”

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