Woman says builder’s 2-word reply to request started ‘blazing row’

A woman has shared her frustration after a builder repeatedly parked across her driveway, leading to a heated argument. The woman, who was not employing the builder herself, had tried to politely ask him to move his vehicle multiple times, but he continued to ignore her requests.

In a post on Mumsnet, she detailed how their civil conversation quickly escalated into a fiery row. She wrote: “He keeps parking across my driveway. I’ve asked him again to move it and he said all I have to do is be polite and ask him each time.”

She added: “I responded by saying I was polite the first time and how about he just doesn’t do it. And wow did it escalate. He was screaming that he pays road tax and can park where he wants, I pointed out it’s a dropped curb so no he can’t.”

The situation worsened when the builder resorted to name-calling, leaving the woman feeling vulnerable in her own home, as he horrendously referred to her as a “f**king b***h”. She ended her post asking if she was being unreasonable for not wanting to repeatedly ask someone to stop blocking her car, noting that he didn’t block the driveway of the people he was working for.

Commenters, in response to the situation, quickly condemned the builder’s behaviour. One respondent stated: “Wholly unacceptable. If I were you I’d have a word with the people who he IS working for- I’m sure they want to avoid p***ng off the neighbours (you). They might be able to prevent him from doing it again.”

Another provided the advice to: “Take pictures every single time. Talk to those he is working for. Is he working for a bigger company or self-employed – if there is a company to complain to, do that. I’d also consider reporting him for the violence.”

An infuriated commenter remarked: “His threatening behaviour and swearing at you is a huge red flag. I’d be reporting it to the police”, while another suggested she should liaise directly with local authorities: “I’d ring your local council parking enforcement team and get them to ticket/tow him. That’ll sort it.”

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