TikTok user shares genius cake cutting hack to save money

A TikTok mum has shared a genius money-saving hack that will prove a welcome relief at kids’ birthday parties.

User ‘Muddle Through Mummy’ provided her followers with a simple way of splitting a cake designed for 14 people into 32 equal measures – but still enough to satisfy youngsters’ hunger.

In the short clip, she talked fellow parents through the simple trick step-by-step, revealing she’d paid just £4.69 for her cake from a leading supermarket.

Muddle Through Mummy explained: “If you’re throwing a kids’ party then you’re going to want this cake cutting hack. I bought this Madeira cake from Sainsbury’s for just £4.69 and it says it serves 14. But cutting this way gets you 32 slices and if you have little kids like me – it’s the perfect portion size.”

She continued: “I think it’s a great money saving tip.”

Scores of TikTok users were suitably impressed with the advice, and were quick to show their appreciation.

“Perfect for kids under 5. Great idea they don’t need a huge piece of cake especially after all the other party snacks too,” one person penned in response.

Another agreed: “This is a good little amount. Especially after party food no one needs a huge slice of cake. Everyone would ask for ‘ooo just a little’ anyway.”

A third added: “This is great especially when working in a nursery and parents are always bringing cakes for birthdays. Thank you!”

And a fourth penned: “That’s how much cake you’d want, especially if you’ve had party food too. I wouldn’t want a bigger piece – it wouldn’t be eaten.”

Back in February, meanwhile, a food blogger shared another nifty tip for ensuring any leftover cake stays moist.

There are several hacks already out there to keep your food fresh, like wrapping plastic wrap around banana stems or keeping your lettuce in the crisper drawer.

For cake, it turns out the solution is storing it with a piece of bread. Baked Bree shared the tip online, explaining how she left her cake on the counter with a slice of bread on top. She wrote: “The bread becomes hard as a rock, but the cake layers remain moist and as perfect as when I made them.”

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