Remove yellow limescale buildup in the bathtub using cheap household products

Limescale buildup in your bathtub is caused by the residue of calcium and magnesium left behind when hard water evaporates.

Hard water, which contains a higher mineral content, is the primary culprit behind limescale formation.

When it evaporates, it deposits calcium and magnesium on surfaces, which can leave behind an unsightly yellow or orange stain in your bath tub, sink, or toilet.

To tackle limescale and hard water stains, place a paper towel or toilet roll soaked in white vinegar on the affected area.

Let it sit for a couple of hours, then scrub with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Rinse and buff with a dry cloth.

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By using these techniques, you can successfully eliminate limescale buildup and maintain a clean surface.

Preventing limescale buildup in the first place is sometimes the most effective approach.

In situations where time is limited, rinse the shower cubicle, bathtub, and fixtures with cold water to reduce lime deposits.

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