‘Our daughter won’t stop her infuriating AirPod habit’

A mum has expressed her frustration with her teenage daughter’s constant use of AirPods, to the point where she threatened to confiscate them.

The 15-year-old girl received her AirPods a few months ago as a birthday gift and now constantly wears them around the house, hidden by her long hair.

The exasperated mother explained she and her husband often find themselves talking to their daughter, only to be ignored because she is listening to music. The mum vented: “If we try talking to her without realising they’re in and have to repeat her name or tap her on the shoulder, she gets irritated, rips one out of her ear and snaps ‘What?'”

The stressed mother turned to Reddit’s ‘Am I The A**hole’ forum to seek advice on whether she was being unreasonable towards her daughter, writing: “We’ve tried talking about it. I said before she can’t use them as an excuse to not answer us or be open to talk.

“I’m not even looking for in-depth conversations here. But if I need to ask her to get her laundry out of the dryer so I can use it, I feel it’s not unreasonable for me to be able to come up to her and ask without her acting like I’m bothering her.”

The mum further explained they’ve attempted to compromise, suggesting she could wear “one pod when she’s walking around”, but this always ends up with both pods back in her ears.

“After an incident when her dad went to ask her what she wanted for dinner and she snapped at him for ‘interrupting her song’ (once again, he didn’t see the AirPods were in), we had enough,” she raged.

“We told her that she can only use the AirPods in her room or outside the house when she goes for runs, is out with friends, etc. I told her it’s ridiculous that we can’t ever talk to her. She got huffy and said that wasn’t fair. I said if she doesn’t adhere to the rules, I’ll take them away altogether until she learns to be respectful. Now she’s livid and says we’re being totally unreasonable. Are we the villains?”

Other parents suggested the issue wasn’t necessarily with the headphones – the real problem was their daughter’s “attitude”. One responded: “If she were working on homework and you were repeatedly disturbing her I would understand a snap but if she is just hanging out leisurely and still has the audacity to get mad even though SHE is one not listening she needs an attitude check.

“This isn’t an AirPods-specific issue thing though, when she used her corded ones around the house was she still being rude when asked to pause and listen to something? I think you should enforce one pod until she learns how to be kind. Take one pod away until she earns your respect by not snapping again.”

Another said: “Honestly, I think you should have a problem with the AirPods. This kid is learning to exist in her own tiny digital world and never be present with the world around her. That’s not good.”

Another chimed in: “AirPods shouldn’t have given her a whole personality change. Maybe take her out for brunch or ice cream or a walk and ask what’s going on.”

“At 15, the world often feels like it’s on fire and maybe for her it is right now. As a teenager, you’re often not sure how to handle stress and anxiety within what your peer group considers acceptable or you’re afraid or unsure how to talk to your parents. Just let her know you’re there, really there for her and want to listen if she wants to talk.”

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