‘My neighbour is trying to force us to cut plant down – she screamed’

A woman has shared her frustration over a neighbour who constantly complains about a bamboo plant that separates their properties. The woman and her partner, new to the neighbourhood, inherited the bamboo ‘wall’ from the previous homeowner, who had planted it to maintain privacy.

However, their neighbour has been incessantly complaining about the height of the bamboo and urging them to trim it.

In a post on Reddit’s ‘Neighbours From Hell’ forum, the exasperated woman wrote: “Every single interaction we have had with the neighbour is her complaining about this bamboo. It’s leaning over, it’s spreading on to her property, it smells, etc. She will NOT leave us alone.”

The couple has been working tirelessly for a month to cut down the bamboo, planning to remove and poison the roots. Despite their efforts, the neighbour continues to complain.

The woman concluded her post by saying, “To try and make her happy, we have spent the last month working hard to have it all cut down. She knows our plan to get rid of it is to cut it down, remove it, then dig up and poison the roots. We have gotten it all cut, but are waiting on a service to help remove it. She wanted a privacy screen. She wanted us to cut it down. But I think she will always need some drama in her life.”

“The problem is that nothing will shut her up. She watches our yard to ambush us when we go outside. She yells at us and complains about a drainage ditch. Today she screamed at us about being ‘bad neighbours’ and mocked me when I explained that we are working on it.”

The woman said her neighbour has “reached out to the county leadership about it”, saying that they “probably couldn’t care less” – but she keeps using that to “threaten” them.

“We know it’s an annoying plant and are working to get rid of it but this woman makes me want to leave it all to rot on her property line”, she fumed, finishing the post by penning: “I’m honestly worried to let our dogs out without being with them because who knows what she would do.”

She then asked for “petty” ways to show that they “don’t care about her opinion”.

Someone urged her to keep the bamboo, writing: “You could leave the tall bamboo. Obviously that the previous owner planted something quick growing that she wouldn’t be able to kill off from her side for a reason. If you remove the bamboo, she’ll still find something to harass you about”, but the original poster explained they’d already taken steps to get rid of it.

Another simply said: “Literally just ignore her anytime you go outside. Let her ramble on and on with no reaction from you”, as that would frustrate her more.

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