‘My mother-in-law hates my name and fears for my baby’

Baby names can be a minefield of personal taste, and while it’s usually best to keep any negative opinions to oneself to avoid family friction, one woman’s mother-in-law couldn’t hold back her disdain for her daughter-in-law’s unique name, which she described as something akin to Ocean or Lark.

The woman, who “loves it” her distinctive name and wears it with “pride”, faced a dilemma when she fell pregnant and her mother-in-law expressed panic over the potential for an equally unconventional name for the new arrival.

The expectant mother took her story to Reddit, seeking advice on whether her “snarky” response to her mother-in-law’s “rude comments” about her name was justified.

She posted: “My husband and I are expecting a baby. We have not announced the name or the sex of our baby yet. This will be announced after our baby is here. After we are positive the name will be going on the birth certificate.” She added: “We do expect negative thoughts.”

The drama unfolded as she recounted her mother-in-law’s disdain for her own name, revealing: “My mother-in-law (MIL) hates my name. She has never said anything to me before now but I heard her and my father-in-law discuss my name and MIL make some very rude comments about my parents for naming me what they did. When my husband and I announced my pregnancy MIL asked about names and my husband told her we weren’t going to reveal the name until after the birth. She asked enough times after this that my husband has told her to stop, has shushed her and we also walk away sometimes.

“She told me it was worrying how quiet we were being and please tell me we’re not going with something as truly awful as my name is. She told me she didn’t know what my parents were smoking or how much they resented me when I was born but that she did not want that for her grandchild. She told me a normal name was needed. She told me she knows I wear my name with so much pride and it better not give me ideas to think it’s okay to name her grandchild that way.

“I told her not to worry, she wouldn’t have to worry about what her grandchild’s name is because we wouldn’t dare make her put up with us anymore and we should say goodbye now. She was horrified and made it clear that wasn’t what she meant. I smiled at her sweetly and said I couldn’t possibly ruin her life anymore by making her interact with someone whose name offends her so much.”

She then said that her mother-in-law had accused her of responding “like a petulant child”, but she was so fed up that she didn’t care and wanted to name her child in peace. She also said that her “worry” would be worse because she was “certain this will be another Lark or Ocean-type name”.

Redditors rallied behind her in the comment section, encouraging her to name her child something agreed upon by her and her partner. One stated: “Please name your child something you both agree on. And make good on MIL having zero access if you hear a peep about the name. She’s being a petulant child by being an a**.”

Another joked: “And tell your MIL you named her Princess Consuela Bananahammock.”

Others shared their family naming traditions; one divulged: “I had a great great great uncle named Pluto. His twin brother was named Zeus. They had sisters named Athena and Aphrodite. My great great great grandfather got screwed: they named him Thomas. Apparently, my great etc grandmother won that coin toss – Gramps wanted to name him Apollo.

“We are 100% not Greek. Apparently, my great great great great grandfather was obsessed with mythology and didn’t give a c**p what anyone thought, which is (not gonna lie) energy I aspire to carry into my own life.

“Whenever anyone gives me c**p about my kid’s names, I just tell them it could have been worse – I could have named them after Uncle Pluto, Uncle Zeus, Aunt Athena, or Aunt Aphrodite.”

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