Makeup artist lip hack that makes you look 10 years younger

When it comes to looking younger there are a slew of products available that are specifically targeted to achieving this goal. Skin moisturisers and creams as well as hair dyes can help you appear more youthful.

On top of this, cosmetics can be applied to enhance features and hide or reduce others.

One pro make-up expert revealed a simple hack women over 40 can try for this very reason.

According to make-up artist of more than 25 years, Erica Taylor, the way in which you apply lip liner can have a significant impact on how you look.

In an Instagram Reels tutorial titled “Lip liner don’ts for over 40s” she shared the “original lip hack”.

Demonstrating the tecnique herself she showed how drawing a harsh, thick, angled line on the top of the lip that creates sharp corners is a “no”.

“Immediately that’s a no, going all the way across to the corner is a no,” she said in a voice over. “Stop, no. Other side, try again.”

Instead she advised creating a softer, rounded line just above the lip.

“Around, soft above the lip line and stop, blend,” the 47-year-old continued. “Under and up and stop, don’t go across, don’t do it. Round the lip.”

To finish she lightly blended the lip liner with her finger and then filled the lips with gloss.

Erica added: “Yes now gloss in or around to fill. Yes, done. Look at that.”

Replying to comments she shared the products used in the video as a Huda Beauty rusty pink lip liner and Maybelline ice gloss.

Fans of Erica were impressed by the hack, with one commenting: “Love this trick! Thank you.”

Another said: “Fabulous as always.”

And one commented: “As a 41-year-old this year, I really appreciate this hack. I’ve been doing my make-up the same way since I was 16. This is super helpful – thank you.”

One fan added: “I love this! It’s a great tip and such a subtle change but huge impact. Thank you for sharing.”

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