Look younger and ‘reduce signs of aging’ by avoiding three common skincare mistakes

Three simple skincare slip-ups are frequently seen in beauty routines, which experts warn could lead to puffiness and accelerated signs of ageing.

The beauty and wellness hub Fresha has recently highlighted the skincare faux pas that many are guilty of.

After analysing videos from beauty influencers on TikTok, the professionals identified recurring errors in the platform’s 100 most-watched skincare routine clips.

A huge 60 percent of content creators were caught being too rough with their skin during product application – a habit that can cause swelling, burst capillaries, and wrinkles.

The second most common mistake was missing crucial steps or muddling up the order of product use, with over half (54%) of influencers dropping the ball here.

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Toner was the most omitted product, closely followed by cleanser, despite dermatologist Dr. Blair Murphy-Rose praising toners for their ability to “benefit complexion, hydrate, exfoliate, and firm the skin, all contributing to anti-aging.”

Completing the trifecta of top skincare errors is neglecting to treat the neck and chest area as well as the face, with an equal number (54%) of influencers overlooking this step.

Experts at Fresha have shared their tips on how to apply products to your face and neck.

A spokesperson for the company said: “When rubbing in moisturiser, serums, or suncream, it’s important to do so in circular motions or to tap it in lightly, as pulling on the skin can make it harder for products to absorb and can cause irritation or dryness.

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“Skipping products means you miss out on benefits like removing residual dirt, oil, and debris from the face while applying them incorrectly reduces their effectiveness.

“For example, applying sunscreen before moisturizer rather than after will dilute the impact of your SPF.”

“Finally, applying moisturizing products to your neck and chest is important to reduce signs of premature aging, as these delicate areas are especially prone to dehydration.”

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