‘I’ve worked at Wetherspoon for 10 years – this is how curry is cooked’

Wetherspoon has been a staple on the British high street since 1979, first appearing in Colney Hatch Lane in Muswell Hill, North London which was transformed from an old bookmaker into a pub.

In 1998, the award-winning hotel and pub chain launched its first-ever Curry Club® which is now served every Thursday up and down the country.

While the curry night has been running for more than two decades, some former employees have claimed that the delicious curries are actually ready meals.

One employee of the chain claimed the curries are microwaved for three minutes and 30 seconds.

Donning the name TelevisionLucky926, the supposed employee at Wetherspoon told Reddit he has been working at the pub chain for more than a decade.

He posted on Reddit: “I’ve worked for Spoon for over 10 Years… ask me anything!” One user, Cloaky73, replied: “How long are the curries microwaved for? I love the Vindaloo.”

While TelevisionLucky926 implied the curries are ready meals microwaved in the kitchen, another user seemed to agree. Yay4Cabbage claimed: “3:33 in our kitchen. The staff don’t believe in pressing more than one number.”

Another Reddit contributor wanted to know where the buttermilk chicken burgers are from. “I think it’s a Tyson chicken product,” the employee claimed.

Somebody else, Ready-Resolution-638, asked: “Where do they get their hash browns from?” The employee claimed: “They are McCains; so are the chips.”

Regardless of where the pub grub comes from, there’s no denying that lots of people still enjoy eating at Wetherspoon.

In 1999, for instance, the meals served at Wetherspoon became so popular that the Steak Club was launched. Then, in 2002, Wetherspoon opened all of its pubs to serve breakfast six days a week.

Ever since, the food menu has been growing, from pub classics such as bangers and mash to fish and chips.

There are now vegetarian and vegan options available too to cater for the ever-evolving desires of the British public.

Eddie Gershon, from the Wetherspoon PR team told “We do not comment on the identity of particular suppliers but confirm that our products are sourced from high-quality providers many of whom have worked with Wetherspoon for a long period.

“Our curries are made to bespoke Wetherspoon recipes, which arrive frozen and are then heated in the microwave.”

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