‘I slept with my sister’s husband… but I’m not to blame’

“I noticed some questionable behaviour from my 33-year-old brother-in-law,” Tarn, 29, shared to Reddit.

“Feeling concerned… I decided to address the issue with my sister [31]… she dismissed my concerns, leaving me unsure of how to proceed.”

Tarn shared: “My sister works as a flight attendant and is gone more than she is at home.

“My brother-in-law recently lost his job and was feeling depressed. During one of her frequent absences from home, she asked me to keep her husband company.”

Tarn revealed: “She trusted me and didn’t believe the warnings that I gave her before about his behaviour towards me.”

While feeling wary, Tarn took this opportunity to “support their marriage” and thought she could be the one to help her sister and her brother-in-law rebuild their connection.

“Unfortunately, as we spent more time together, our bond deepened, and we eventually crossed a line that should never have been crossed,” said Tarn.

Trying to justify her actions, Tarn said: “We had both been drinking… he was complaining to me about the troubles in their marriage…

“He was crying and I decided to comfort him. One thing lead to another and we did the unthinkable. We were both so intoxicated that we stupidly ended up falling asleep.”

Tarn revealed: “I awoke to my sister screaming and hitting the both of us… she was screaming, ‘How could you do this to me? We’re sisters! I trusted you!’

“She wouldn’t even give me a chance to explain and kicked me out of the house.”

Lucinda now refuses to talk to Tarn and has filed for divorce from her husband. “Our parents are siding with her saying that I violated every family moral,” said Tarn.

“[But] I believe there are multiple factors at play here… I am not the only one responsible for the breakdown of their marriage!”

Tarn said: “My sister and her husband had their fair share of problems. It’s unfair to place all the blame on me.”

After all that has happened though, Tarn is the one who decided she is willing to “make amends”.

Tarn concluded: “Rebuilding trust and repairing our relationship will require open and honest communication from both parties.”

*Names have been changed.

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