How to look younger: Anti-ageing trick for hooded eyes costs 2p and is cheaper than Botox

A beauty influencer seems to have cracked the code to fixing hooded eyes without going under the knife or spending hundreds on Botox.

The TikTok user, known as Jeep Jen, claimed you can achieve her lifted eyelid look affordably, thanks to a simple 2p hack.

”Everyone’s say ‘Get Botox’ and people are saying ‘Get the blepharoplasty surgery’,” she told her 81k followers in a video.

But rather than opting for surgical intervention, the content creator, known by her username @jeep_mom_trying, vouched for a non-invasive approach—a tiny sticker.

In the video, as she demonstrated the use of Contours RX Lids by Design, the mom carefully positioned the transparent adhesive tape directly along the line where the skin was sagging.

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After giving it a gentle press to secure it in place, the eyelid instantly appeared more lifted.

These miniature stickers are currently available for £29.99 on Amazon, offering shoppers a selection of sizes ranging from a mere 3mm to 8mm. They can also be bought directly from Contours RX for £33.

The praise for the product isn’t limited to the TikTok user alone; boasting nearly 9,000 positive reviews, Contours RX Lids by Design shines brightly.

Amazon customers, in agreement, have awarded it a commendable 3.5-star rating.

One UK customer wrote: ”I was quite surprised by the difference these strips made to my eyes. I’m 70 years old so my eye lids are very hooded.

”I went for the 7mm size as needed the maximum lift, I could have bought the 8mm but plumped for the 7mm size and it really did the trick and made my eyes look far more open.”

Another person commented: ”These eyelid lift strips are so good, took a few attempts to get used to putting them in the right place but once I mastered them they’ve made a world of difference to my saggy eyelids.”

A third person typed: ”I couldn’t believe how much it opened my one droopy eyelid – my whole face changed.

”They are so easy to put on and I can’t believe how much more confident I feel having two eyes that are wide open – will definitely recommend and order again. Saves a fortune on Botox!”

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