How to identify an Asian hornet as man catches ‘enormous’ insect

One commenter said: “Are you telling me that THING is flying around the UK right now?????? I’M LEAVING!! Why on EARTH would you let that go!!”

Another said they would “collapse” if an Asian hornet came near to them.

The original poster was unsure whether the hornet he captured was a European or Asian variety, but most viewers agreed it was likely the former. The content creator stated that if it was indeed a European hornet, it was “fine to let it go”.

Regardless, it’s crucial to recognise the features of the invasive Asian hornet to report any sightings for appropriate action.

Distinguishing between the two species can be challenging, but The British Beekeepers Association suggests three key questions to help identify an Asian hornet: ‘Does it look very black?’, ‘Has it got a wide orange stripe on the 4th segment of the abdomen?’ and ‘Do its legs look as if they have been dipped in yellow paint?’.

‘Do its legs look as if they have been dipped in yellow paint?’.

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