Hair expert shares tip to ‘look younger’ and ‘soften’ greyness

Skin wrinkles and grey hair are the most common ageing concerns and ones many women try to fight.

There’s no way to turn back time but those wanting to age more gracefully can do so with some simple changes to their hair and beauty routine.

When it comes to grey hairs, Clairol Ambassador Chad Maxwell suggested “a great quick fix” that doesn’t involve permanent hair dye.

Speaking exclusively to, he said: “For me, it’s not necessarily about the hairstyle that makes a woman look younger but more about the things she does to her hair.

“Any hairstyle can make a woman look fabulous but the things I would say enhance their hair and make them look younger are really simple things to do.”

Chad continued: “Conditioner is everything and will make your hair super glossy and expensive looking, which helps any hairstyle look younger.

“There is one thing I always recommend for people who are wanting to distract from their regrowth and that is to zig zag the parting. When the parting is completely straight it enhances the regrowth but by creating more of a zig-zag pattern it camouflages it easily.

“Another little hack is to try switching your parting; whatever side you part your hair on, try the opposite and see if it helps.”

To further conceal grey hairs, the Clairol ambassador warned against “severe tied-up styles”. He claimed that for most of his clients, grey hair is “most noticeable around the hairline”, and sticking to “softer” styles will help hide those “pesky” strands.

For those who do want to colour their hair, Chad recommended focusing on the roots to maximise impact.

He explained: “A great quick fix to hide grey hairs without hair dyes are root sprays and powders. You apply them after you style the hair with a simple spray or brush and they will camouflage greys until you wash your hair!

“They’re an absolute must-have for anyone in need of a simple quick fix. If you’re blonde, a dry shampoo can be a great way of camouflaging greys, especially if you need a seamless blend between dark roots too.”

Longer-lasting box-dye root touch-ups are fast and effective for tying you over between salon appointments.

According to Chad, it’s best to look out for products that don’t just focus on giving you a good all-over colour, but also help to maintain and enhance the condition of your hair.

He suggested the Clairol Professional Colour Studio, which is ideal for enhancing colour results and claims to give visibly healthier-looking hair using its three-step range with metal purifiers.

Chad added: “If you’re blonde, invest in a good purple shampoo to keep the colour fresher for longer, and good styling products to protect your hair, hydrate it and keep it smooth make a big difference.

“Clairol Professional’s Colour Studio Revitalise Toning Shampoo and Treatment is a must-have duo for blondes wanting to keep their hair fresh.”

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