Easy cleaning method to get your kitchen taps gleaming

People took to the thread to share their cleaning tips on getting them back to life, with one person writing: “That’s calcium and mineral deposits from the water.

“A vinegar and detergent solution should take care of it, or there’s this liquid called CLR, available at the hardware and discount stores that will clean it off. Read and follow the directions, of course.”

Another wrote: “That’s hard water buildup. Essentially minerals that are deposited after the water evaporates. Harmless, but unsightly. Soaking in vinegar or something like CLR will clear it up.”

A third said: “Get kitchen towels ( the tissues ) soak them in vinegar & rap them around it & leave a couple of hours.”

One user suggested: “Vinegar baggie treatment. Ziplock it full of vinegar. Leave overnight. Remove. The scale should wipe or gently scrub away.”

A fifth advised: “I use Lime Away but other folks use CLR. Buy whatever is cheaper.”

Another suggested: “Sanivac. But be careful to not mix it with bleach. Also wear gloves and good ventilation.”

One user recommended: “Combine vinegar with baking soda! Use a ratio of 1:2 baking soda to vinegar, let it soak in that for a while and then scrub off gently.”

And finally, someone said: “Boil some water in a pot doesn’t have to be all the way boiling but hot enough then add baking soda to the water, and finally dunk in the faucet.”

Do you have any cleaning suggestions?

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