Brits will waste a third of their summer indoors

Met Office figures from last summer found we had the equivalent of 33 full days of daylight with clear skies from June until August. However, a study of 2,000 adults found 62% feel pressure to make the most of the longer days, and six in 10 struggle to decide what to do.

As a result, 60% feel they let summers pass them by, as they end up doing the same things they always do (39%), or don’t plan their time effectively (29%).

Zipcar UK, which commissioned the research, has created an online ‘Summer Selector’ tool in collaboration with TOPJAW creative duo, Jesse and Will, to inspire a summer of fun.

They said: “During the warmer months with the extended days we have calculated the average Brit has 58,000 minutes of spare daylight time to make the most of. However, many don’t feel like they are maximising their summer days – and the met office figures show sunshine is limited.

“But we want to encourage the nation to get out and about this summer – whether it’s visiting your local park, spontaneously driving out to the beach for the day, or even treating your family to a meal out at a top restaurant.”

The study also found 41% have an “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude, and don’t maximise the longer days, and 39% said bad weather stops them from doing what they want.

But nearly two-thirds (65%) said maximising their experiences during the warmer months is important to them, even if they are to tighten the purse strings. Although 15% went as far to say they don’t feel they’ve gotten the most out of a summer in more than five years.

As a result, 48% look to family and friends for inspiration on how to spend their summertime day, as well as websites (34%), TV programmes (23%) and social media (30%). That said, 31% find surfing social networks makes them feel on edge if they aren’t making the most of the season from June to August.

And while 54% wished they were more spontaneous with summer plans, half of those polled, via OnePoll, struggle to find things to do on impulse when tied to a budget.

Despite 49% having to rethink their summer plans due to rising costs, 27% plan to spend more this summer than they did last. It also emerged the typical adult plans to spend £77 each week on activities to entertain themselves during longer days, and £72 on dining out.

A spokesperson for Zipcar UK added: “Our study has shown how people want to make the most of every second, but also not break the bank. Making decisions or just knowing what there is to do can be tricky, which is why we launched our ‘Summer Selector’ to help Brits make the most of their summer this year and we want to help make these decisions easy for people.

“It’s important to us that we support the nation is in maximising their summer experience – as we understand how finite each moment can be with the unpredictable weather.”

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