A stunning harpist has shut down claims she was ‘begging’

A stunning harpist brutally shut down accusations she was begging and acting illegally after being approached by an angry member of the public.

TikTok user Robyn Hearts, who regularly performs with her string instrument on the streets of London, was playing her own take on George Michael’s Careless Whisper when a woman slammed her for “asking for card payments”.

Sharing a clip of the incident with her 460,000 followers, Robyn wrote, “Not again” referring to the fact its not the first time she has been on the receiving end of false claims from a bystander.

“I’m going to report you to Harrow Council,” the disgruntled resident told Robyn – who jokingly changed Camden to Karen in the subtitles. The woman continued: “Have you got permission?”

Continuing to strum the harp, Robyn simply replied, “Yeah”.

Not giving up on her interrogation, the woman added: “What? I’ve neever seen a beggar or anybody begging asking people to put it on their credit card.”

“I’m not begging, I’m playing music,” Robyn responded calmly. “Who asked you to?” ranted the woman further. “Did you get permission from Harrow Council?”

After assuring the woman she did in fact have permission, Robyn was then told: “If you weren’t begging, you would be playing music for free.” Still keeping a cool head, Robyn answered: “I am playing for free technically.”

The woman then accused her of “asking for money” in the form of “a gift tip for £2” by pointing to a sign in front of Robyn. “Don’t you know the difference?” she quizzed further. “I’ll ask Harrow Council if you have got permission… and they can arrest you.”

Robyn then looked at her camera and laughed as the exchange came to an end.

It prompted an outpouring of support for Robyn in the comments section, with many TikTok users slamming the woman’s attitude towards her. “My blood pressure is now genuinely 144/98 just listening to her,” one person ranted. “No idea how you are so calm. She’d eat my harp. I need some of your calm.”

Another agreed: “You’re so relaxed in your approach to this idiot. Fair play to you, it adds to the ambience in the area. Keep doing what you do!”

A third wrote: “This is actually really funny. The song, the angelic harp music and the grumpy Karen. Light and dark balance.”

While a fourth gushed: “It’s just unbelievable. Your class is amazing. I think I’d have had so much rage. I’d also love to see you play.”

And an inspired fifth replied: “This is so powerful the way you value yourself enough and nothing can ruin it. You inspired me. Sending hugs and love from my soul.”

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